2013 Virus

It looks like the next year will be more challenging for anti-virus/anti-spyware companies because a growing number of computer viruses and spyware are expected to get everyone stressed yet again. Millions of people’s computers are attacked each year with malicious soft ware. The reason why computers break down is that majority of these people are not aware that their computer is infected therefore, the necessary measures to take it out is not done. This year’s viruses have proven hard to be removed and new solution and techniques are being worked on.  2013 will be no different.

The latest and worse existing virus today is the one that has been disguised to look like a government program. Once accessed, what it does to your computer is it blocks the user from access to documents, desktop and other files until the user pays a “ransom” It tricks the computer owner that it has committed a crime and to be able to get out of it, they need to pay a fine. This is obviously a scam but this scam earns millions of dollars.

Experts are still convincing users everywhere to install an antispyware/virus program on their computer and have it updated everytime.

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