What is Spyware?




In order to understand how to battle spyware in your computer, one must know what it is to begin with. Not to be confused with malware which hackers use to steal personal data and damage computer systems, a spyware is not so intense but still on the bad side. Spyware track your browsing behavior for the purpose of having advertisers’ study demographics. This type of act seems so borderline creepy. It is bothersome and frankly just annoying. The most malicious type of spyware is called active spyware. These programs include browser add-ons and tool bars, code designed to get inside your Web browser and steal information. It changes your homepage and the default search engine of your browser, this is to redirect any searches to engines the advertiser controls. This will then allows the spyware author to monitor your activities online, building a profile from the type of information you spend time viewing. There are ways to battle spyware. There are programs dedicated to warn computer users/ protect computers from these and often times, all you have to do is download this protection programs through the internet.

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