Defining Spyware

There are so many awful things that are being spread around the internet and one of these is called a spyware. What exactly is a spyware? A spyware is a malicious software that performs behaviors without getting your consent first. It can be through an advetising, changing the configuration of the computer, or getting personal information. To explain it simplty; A spyware is a software that is able to track down personal and sensitive information from your computer. Once this software has affected your computer, it is very difficult for it to be removed. Your computer will likely crash or slowdown because spywares add additional programs on your computer that isn’t needed.

The key to preventing a spyware is installing an anti-spyware on your computer. There are numerous anti-spyware providers that can be downloaded online for free. Some can be bought for a cheap price but the value of the software is worth paying because you won’t have to deal with the hassles of getting a spyware virus on your computer.

Your Computer Is Infected

How to tell if your computer is in trouble? Your computer is infected with nasty virus when

  • You are getting a ridiculous amount of pop up ads while you are surfing the internet. If this happens even if you have set your computer to blocking all of the pop-ups then there is something wrong. Pop-ups means a badly configurated browser.
  • When you receive replies from people on your email, instant messages and even social media sites when you didn’t send any of them a message in the first place. This means your computer has been sending out messages without your knowledge.
  • When you are asked to pay a fine for something “you have done illegally” and you are locked out of your own account. In order to get your account back, you are asked to pay a fine. Don’t ever pay of course, at this point you should know that you have already been hacked.


Best Anti-Spyware

Spyware is something you don’t want near your computer, it is one of the most serious threats you’ll get online. The problem with spyware is that sometimes you don’t even know that it has already attacked your computer until you feel that it is getting slower and slower. There are ways to stop this threat from even getting near your computer and all you have to do is get an anti-spyware.

Anti-spyware are available in the market, some are free and easily downloadable and some are decently priced. Here are the best Anti-spyware.

1. Lavasoft Adware -this is a super fast anti-spyware that will protect your computer for free. It has been downloaded 450 million times by different users around the world.

2. ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware – this software helps catch spyware and provides good protection than its competitors.

3. Tenebril Spycatcher – With a lot of positive user reviews, this software effectively fights spyware and adware.


What is Spyware?




In order to understand how to battle spyware in your computer, one must know what it is to begin with. Not to be confused with malware which hackers use to steal personal data and damage computer systems, a spyware is not so intense but still on the bad side. Spyware track your browsing behavior for the purpose of having advertisers’ study demographics. This type of act seems so borderline creepy. It is bothersome and frankly just annoying. The most malicious type of spyware is called active spyware. These programs include browser add-ons and tool bars, code designed to get inside your Web browser and steal information. It changes your homepage and the default search engine of your browser, this is to redirect any searches to engines the advertiser controls. This will then allows the spyware author to monitor your activities online, building a profile from the type of information you spend time viewing. There are ways to battle spyware. There are programs dedicated to warn computer users/ protect computers from these and often times, all you have to do is download this protection programs through the internet.

Cheap Anti-virus


It’s so easy to use the computer and it has, for some years now been a staple part of people’s lives. Majority, if not all companies operate through the help of computers which makes organizing and filing easy. The only problem a person can really get is when a virus attacks. But no need to worry, protecting your computer from malicious programs can be cheap. Many software developers compete to get their products onto your PC. The best cheap anti-virus and malware removers have great reviews and can perform well. These companies even have free software which you can upgrade in the future when the need arises. Upgrading would cost money but not much. When you upgrade, the software will give your computer more protection while surfing the Web or shopping online. Most companies will offer an upgrade that wont cost more than $50 per month and it is definite ly worth it if it would save you from headache coming from a silly virus from the internet.